2011 May

tutorials/ Chicago2

residential streets

tutorials/ property tax2

show me the buyer2

(cover note for redistribution of

2010 Nov/Dec letters & spreadsheets)

home school your children (flyer)

Feds demand repayment (news bulletin) (2011 April 27)

tutorials/ holidays

10 holiday presentations improved and produced

without watermark in 3 formats (pdf, wmv, mpg)

2011 April

tutorials/ property tax part 2


2011 March

tutorials/ Chicago 3

Chicago ordinances, a reformatted selection2011 February

tutorials/ property tax

graphs of 2010 bill for 2009 Cook County property tax

additional text

tutorials/ territory

Alvord, C.W. and Carter, C.E.

British Series (i): Critical Period 1763-1765

British Series (ii): New Regime 1765-1767

British Series (iii): Trade & Politics 1767-1769

Illinois Historical Society (1915, 1916,1921)

(pdf books & directories of scanned pages)



2011 January

property tax

deceptive advertising affidavit re background

deceptive advertising interrogatory

2010 December

tutorials & practical applications

inflation up industrials down-i (revised)

d street descriptions assessments taxes (revised)

tutorials & practical applications

20101204 prosecute for property theft under color of law

20101203 cook county treasurer foia

2010 November

tutorials & practical applications

20101115 show me the buyer, letter to county officials


inflation up industrials down (11 files) (revised)

2010 May


20100510 cover letter for allegation of fraud by officials

acting under cover of law in matter of streets etc.

20100509 upgraded allegation of fraud by officials

acting under cover of law in matter of streets etc.

20100504 letter from corporation counsel for city of Chicago

20100429 email city attorney public way definition

20100420 email cpd summary

20100419 email cpd vendettas

2010 March


20100309 cpd house call



american tariff.pdf

2010 February


old books.pdf (moved from tutorials/old books

/townships and /counties (added here)


parking penalty postcard

rain barrel.pdf

.20100216 citibank service fee.pdf


stockexchange 1911 hirst.pdf

liberty documents 1901 hill hart.pdf

tutorials/chicago 3

new introductory text

representation.pdf (interim file)

tutorials/property tax (new)

inflation up industrials down.pdf files (moved from /counties



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Lincoln Highway underpass

Joliet, Illinois

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