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Lincoln Highway underpass

Joliet, Illinois

2014 December




bullfight (replaces presidents for Presidents' Day)

2014 October

tutorials/ Chicago 2

Capone: when government officials control law enforcement,

criminals are motivated to control government officials

2014 September

tutorials/ Chicago 2

Boiler Room: the Chicago of my grandparents

tutorials/ Chicago 3

ratio of Chicago police to people updated

2014 July

tutorials/ Mental Health (new text)

tutorials/ Chicago Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, Cement and Representation

(reorganized with new text, presentations, and digital books)

2014 January

tutorials/ territory/ townships 4 Chicago

2013 April

tutorials/mothers' rights

tutorials/ territory/ townships 1 history

2013 January

tutorials/ territory



tutorials/ mental health

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(revised to clarify pinocchio snowman sequence)

2011 August

tutorials/ states

Blackstone's commentaries 1768 volumes 1-4

(John Adams' signed copies at Boston Public Library)

& 2 other editions

tutorials/ territory


counties appendix

tutorials/ property tax

inflation up/ industrials down part l

(how to figure out your neighbor's Cook County pin number)

tutorials/ Chicago 1

Ogdens Pecks and ex post facto

2011 June

tutorials/ school finance (formerly section 16)

What Works (USDE publications, 1986, 1987)

What Doesn't Work

tutorials/ territory

revised introduction

2015 January 7

Je suis Charlie

(a memorial for people killed and injured

in wars for freedom of speech & thought)

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Shortly after Abraham Lincoln took possession of the presidency and saw what the job entailed, he remarked that the 'civil lists' will take government down.  (according to Carl Sandburg)  Civil Lists was the term for patronage workers and most other government employees in Lincoln's time.

Government bureaucracies have always been a problem for the human race.  When government becomes generous paychecks and higher status for a minority of people, the bureaucracy will grow instead of shrink, even though most government jobs would become obsolete if officials did them properly.  Government officials maintain their income and status by doing their jobs improperly.  Cleaning up the messes they make is an excuse to increase taxes, create more jobs, and grant more higher status.  Eventually the cost of government to meet the demands of greedy civil listers exceeds the ability of the creative private sector to pay it.

In 2015, Chicago is one of the municipalities, Cook one of the counties, and Illinois one of the states where civil listers fight mean and nasty to maintain their mostly unearned wealth and undeserved status.

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