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Government corruption is always circular and self-referencing.  Lords created kings.  Kings created priests.  Priests certified that God delegated His powers to kings.  Kings delegate God's power to lords; and lords seize control of everything and everyone.

Shortly before and after the American Revolution, British lords began to extend voting rights to a increasing percentage of the British population.  It was around 5% in the 1780-1800s; and then the extension accelerated to enfranchise the majority of people.  The problem is, when lords had a monopoly on voting, they exerted monarchical powers and not democratic powers.  They determined what the elected representatives of the people could do the people without considering that the people who elected the representatives couldn't do such things to each other.

Lords were a jealous and contentious bunch.  Each had a perpetual charter and very few obligations to hold up his end of the contract.  New kings couldn't get rid of the friends of old kings and replace them with his new friends.  The only loophole was treason.  If a lord was convicted of treason, he forfeited his estate.  It returned to the pool of royal land and the new king could then grant it to a new friend.  So unfounded complaints of treason occurred quite often; and a special court acted like the lies were God's own truth.  The definition of treason was as narcissistic as everything else monarchical.  A principle of monarchy said a king is the embodiment or personification of the nation.  An insult or injury to his person or his interests was an insult or injury to the nation.  Any act that harmed a king and his interest was treason.

You will remember that a provision of the US Constitution forbids the forfeiture of estate for treason.  The Constitution left it up to Congress to define treason.  The Constitution also forbids the kind of courts that handle trumped up charges of treason.

A king is only one person and there isn't much he can get done in a day, a year, or a lifetime.  He needs a lot of helpers.  Since the helpers are helping him, anything that harms them is also treason.  By the time of the American Revolution, the British had a vast army of civil servants who thought they were above the law and untouchable.  The principle of royal prerogatives and protections has persisted to the present time and can be found in laws enacted under authority of the 1970 Illinois Constitution.  For example, if a school district official messes with you in a manner that would get him locked up the rest of his life if he were a civilian, he can't be prosecuted for same as a public official.  You can sue the school district and the district can fire him if it chooses.  The district passes financial penalties a court might award you to taxpayers.  Illinois legislators play at extinguishing royal prerogatives for Illinois officials, but most are in place.

Municipalities are especially expensive.  Municipal employees generate a lot of resentment because of their bad attitude towards civilians.  Election laws allow their elected bosses to get into office solely on their vote.  The current Chicago, Cook County and Illinois debt crises derive entirely from this fact.  Patronage workers got greedy and their bosses didn't calculate lifetime earnings before they agreed to the exorbitant demands of their constituency.  I haven't been able to think of a way good faith municipal, county and state officials can escape the vicious circle of corruption except to acknowledge that the state has never really had any of the powers it delegates to municipalities and counties.  Thus, three layers of expensive geopolitical divisions can and should be dissolved.  If the divisions can legislate on matters that should be seen as equal rights, the laws are invalid because of variations that make the protection of rights unequal from city to city, county to county and state to state.

Laws regarding marriage, divorce, child custody eminent domain and property tax vary too much to qualify as equal protection of the rights to marry, reproduce, and keep all the land one inherits or buys.

The history of the American property tax is an example of the sleights of hand by which corrupt individuals quashed democracy.   The majority of people in monarchy don't pay a property tax because they don't own property.  They pay rent to a lord.  He can't be levied a property tax because the land is his by a perpetual grant.  The only way to enforce a property tax is to seize property.  A lord's property can't be seized.

With the 1783 Treaty of Paris, the British king ceded his dominion over US soil to US founders.  They were common people.  Treason had no formal definition.  International law required them to perpetuate royal grants to any grantee who declared allegiance to the new government.  The lords declared allegiance.  It looked like American commoners would continue to owe rent to lords.

In their 1781 Articles of Confederation, US founders granted themselves a power to tax landed property.  They plucked the power out of thin air since it didn't previously exist.  They pointed out the problems of it in their debates.  And then they refused to implement the law for a while.  They omitted the power in the 1787 US Constitution that replaced the Articles of Confederation.  They included provisions that named specific taxes in the Constitution.  They didn't name a tax on landed property.  They included a provision for a general tax.  It meant an income tax from the mid-1800s to the present, but in the 4th Congress during Washington's administration, congressmen decided that it meant a tax on landed property and proceeded to legislate a property tax.

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