Many good readers have noticed that the 1787 US Constitution doesn't include a provision that allows Congress to finance or govern the education of children.  There are a few good reasons why.

The right to determine the education of a particular child is vested in the parents of the child.  The state exists to defend parental rights and not to steal them.

The remedy for ignorance and disrespect is essentially the same for children and adults--and the remedy isn't schools. If a person of any age violates one or more of his neighbor's rights, the  neighbor can sue him or demand that government officials convict him.  This is motive enough for everyone to learn ASAP to act respectfully, responsibly and in a civil manner everywhere they go.

Education is a business.  It is a mammoth business that tens of millions of people use and abuse for personal gain.  People use schools to get money, status and power over other people. 

School profiteers advertise their product in news and entertainment media.  Some advertising is direct, but most is subtle and not-so-subtle product placement in news items, movies, sit-coms, talk shows, crime shows and documentaries  School profiteers use the same propaganda techniques that pharmaceutical profiteers use, but with one alarming difference.  Pharmaceutical companies admit that their products have dangerous side effects.  Educational companies don't--educators don't put warning labels on their product.  Every professional psychologist in the country should be--but isn't--up in arms because of the mess that teachers, school administrators, and ancillary staff make of children. 

There's no way to get around the fact that schools can't be affordable to the public or profitable to teachers and other school profiteers unless a large number of children are locked in a small room with one or two adults for the best hours of the children's day.  Teachers must regiment every act of the children to maintain order.  Teachers must keep every child on the same page at the same time, regardless of the individual needs, talents, interests and potential of the children.  Schools interfere with learning and wage war on families--for the sole purpose of getting paychecks and quarterly interest payments in checking and savings accounts.

There's only one model for the physical and instructional aspects of education.  It failed its first experiment.  Every person who promoted it thereafter was involved in a conspiracy to defraud taxpayers and parents.  By the 1970s, good faith professors and K-12 educators knew the experiment had failed again--and said so.

Special education expanded hugely - and by 1985 a huge number of children were labeled learning disabled - in an effort by school profiteers to blame the victim, rather than the perps  Then, in the 1990s a US federal judge issued a decree in a case that involved the Chicago Public Schools and the Illinois Board of Education.  The case blindsided good faith educators--and even the parents who initiated the case--because it was a mortal assault on special education.  The decree dismantled a system that delivered TLC to children most at risk--those who were most victimized by vicious, greedy, social climbing scumbags who dominate schools.

Murder, crime rates and prison problems then escalated to the high rate we suffer now, especially in black neighborhoods.  Nonetheless, the money spent on incompetent schools increased, as did all the other costs of the alienating and criminalizing that schools do.  Many children go to school pleasant and come home mean.  Hordes of children damage property and each other on their way to and from school, acting out their rage at what has happened or will happen in school.  Schools aren't good places--make no mistake about it.  The cost of white collar crime exceeds that of street crime because executives and office workers spend more time in school than purse snatchers--and teachers are bad role models.  As more aggressive women climb corporate ladders, few employees can get through a day without some bossy bee forcing them into a meeting so she can scribble on an easel or chalkboard,.  She has no other skills to explain her paycheck.

American municipalities borrow trillions of dollars to finance preK-12 schools on the excuse that cities are obligated to help children get rich in corporate jobs at the expense of taxpayers, who are also the customers and grunt labor of corporations.  Schools are the opposite of the great and democratic levelers they market themselves as.  Municipalities borrow school money on the collateral of their constituents' homes and seize the homes of those who can't afford the tax.  Most crooks go to school.  Many crooks advocate the school tax, get the profit of it, and put the lie to the theory that schools turn bad children into good citizens.

US founders respected two parental rights when they left decisions about the education of children up to their parents and also most of the cost of it.  The only way to stop problems now is to make parents pay for education out of pocket and pay as they go.  The number of unwanted children who are criminalized at home might drop to zero--and the blame game finally end.



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