treasurer's letter

re: disclaimer and complaint

2009 March

property tax disclaimer label

for payment stub and check

2010 December 




No statute of limitations if government overpaid you and demands 'its' money back.

What if you overpaid government?

2011 April 27

Show me the buyer.

Cover note for follow-up distribution.

2011 May 28

2001-2003 sales northwest side

2009 December 29

2003-2008 inflationary conversions

2010 January 5


ratio of Chicago police to people

2010 January 5

top illustration:

Boylston Building.

Illinois Street 116-122W.

Chicago, Illinois.

2005 February 1

Industrial/warehouse property converted to

charter school (Big Picture) administrative office.

public employee pensions, the courts

and the stakeholders they ignore

2014 July 4

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