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The problem existed at the onset of the Republic when voting was limited to the owners of a substantial amount of property.  The problem persisted throughout the time that voting requirements were watered down to no more than birth itself and government officials eventually began to hand out citizenship like jellybeans at the Easter egg hunt on the White House lawn.

The smaller a community is in Illinois, the more rights its residents and property owners retain.  More officials of small towns must get a 50+% approval at elections and get 50+% approval for many of their acts at referendums.

At present, the mayor and city council members of Chicago can and have got their offices with the approval of 23% of Chicago's registered voters.  Because an act of the City Council can pass with approval by only 50% of the members, a minority of 11.5% of registered voters can and does dominate 88.5% of registered voters PLUS inhabitants who can't or don't register to vote PLUS many people who own property but don't live in the city.  The state allows the mayor to appoint most top officials.  City Council members spend billions without getting approval at referendum.

City ordinances require that many categories of city workers live in the city.  They vote for the aldermen and the aldermen vote for them.  The typical alderman has never heard about checks and balances, except in the bookkeeping sense of the words.  Aldermen don't know what separation of powers means or why government powers should be separated between three branches of government.

Aldermen assume that the power to approve the municipal budget is the power to hire and fire the people represented by every line item on it.  Departmental employees and contractors assume that they work for the aldermen and not for the people, though aldermen don't and city residents and shoppers do pay out-of-pocket for municipal departments and their operations,   

Aldermen can get elected with tiny campaign war chests, but they need outside support.  The support comes from people who buy municipal debt, as discussed earlier.  It also comes from real estate developers, real estate agents, and mortgage lenders who sell split levels and condos in suburban subdivisions.  The worse that teachers teach, the less that police protect (and the more they arrest the wrong guy); and the more insulting and humiliating the majority of city employees and contractors are, the more likely it is that a city homeowner or renter will want to move far away; and read the Sunday wantads to make it happen.

The industrialization of Chicago was a temporary blip on the radar of enslavement and exploitation.  The main idea is to keep everyone in debt to bankers, so everyone will be enslaved to employers and vulnerable to attack by a long list of hyena-like people who stalk the outskirts of daily life. 

In the 1800s, Chicago leaders needed immigration to sell their real estate because American natives could buy rural land and live independently without incurring debt and other obligations.  Chicago created three single-issue parties that were secretly pro-immigration when the vast majority of Americans didn't want immigration.  Chicago leaders almost couldn't care less which single issue won, but assumed it would be anti-slavery.  They drew enough votes away from the anti-immigration candidate to put anti-slavery Lincoln in office and start the very profitable Civil War.  Lincoln got into the White House with a minority vote, and pushed pro-immigration law through Congress while a genocidal war distracted the nation. 

The growth of Chicago ensued for the profit of the few at the expense of the many.  The need to import foreign labor to staff new factories was the excuse to make the city grow.  Urbanization is so profitable to the few and so debilitating to the many that it grew by leaps and bounds.  Most Americans are slaves who will never live free.  Even in retirement they have to fear the loss of their homes to outrageous property taxes for municipal employee pension demands.

Municipal employees rule the nation.  This is why you see them act so cocky.  They control city elections.  City officials control county elections.  City and county officials and their voting bloc control state elections.  The one state, multiplied by 25, controls the outcome of national elections.  In some instances, elections are dramatic fictions of opposing parties and candidates staged to distract the people from their real problems.  In other instances, the drama is an honest and rare public display of private infighting among the privileged few.

The municipal minority that rules the United States believes everyone else owes them everything they want.  They believe they are the city and the city is them.  They have this attitude in common with dictators and monarchs who think they're the nation and the nation is them.  It's the foundation of royal prerogative.  Like Saddam Hussein and Louis XVI, city workers are big babies and vicious spoiled brats.

While World War I raged in Europe on the incredible excuse that the brother of a royal got shot and millions of common people died, American academics scribbled books to justify the growth and aggrandizement of American cities.  During the Korean and Vietnam Wars, the academics and city apologists had the gall to claim that powerful American city-states are the only thing that stand between the people and a national government that by definition would be as despotic and totalitarian as Chinese and Russian communists.

The real problem is that the national government would make city workers work, give them a lower pay scale, and throw them into Social Security for retirement benefits like many people better than they have to get by on.

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